Contract Review & Strategy



I prepare business contracts and agreements for entrepreneurs, startups, and established companies. Whether you are starting a business and need help forming an entity or you’re building the company and want to bring on partners, vendors, or purchase assets, I can help. I provide invaluable legal consultation in the preparation and drafting of contracts so that you are protected from the beginning. By clearly defining your rights, defenses, and potential exposure to liability, I will ensure nothing is left to interpretation.





The first step is to fill out the intake questionnaire and payment form. With this information I can assess your situation and the nature of your contract.

Step 2: Follow-Up

I will contact you within 72 hours of your submission, and we will set up a time to discuss the contract. 

Step 3: Review & Strategy Meeting

During our discussion I will explain your contract as well as give you a strategy for negotiation.




For my review of your documents and your situation, and a telephone strategy session